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Greeting Cards $3.50
Greeting (5 "x 7") cards are reproduced from an original watercolor painting by Deborah C. Kracht. Cards are blank inside, come with an envelope and are packaged in a clear plastic pouch.
Magnets $5.50
Magnets (3" x 4") are reproduced from an original watercolor painting by Deborah C. Kracht and are ideal to display anywhere.

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Cards & Magnets
Music Of Her World Image

Music Of Her World
"She stood silently letting the music of her world nourish her soul...

Rose Colored Glasses Image

Rose Colored Glasses
"Life was so much more fun when she wore her rose-colored glasses."

Knee Deep Image

Knee Deep
"She stood knee deep in tears, afraid that the delicate balance ...

Released Image

"Released from limitations, in dreams and memories, she freed her spirit...

Heart Garden Image

Heart Garden
"It was the garden of her heart and she tended it gently for her soul ...

First Flight Image

First Flight
"On the first flight with her new wings, she walked to the edge of ...

Fish on a Bicycle Image

Fish on a Bicycle
Lost in thought, she was startled by the sight of a fish on a bicycle ...

Mermaid Image

"It occurred to her that living as a mermaid would make everyday life ...

Broken Heart Image

Broken Heart
"She gathered the pieces of her broken heart and offered them to ...

Life Cart Image

Life Cart
"Life neatly packed on a cart, years rolled on wheels until there was ...

Recognition Image

"Tears mixed with rain, collecting in and filling the container of her ...

Tissue Paper Heart Image

Tissue Paper Heart
"Even when you pack a heart carefully in tissue paper and put it in ...

Pieces of Herself Image

Pieces of Herself
"Luckily she stopped giving away pieces of herself before she disappeared."

Life Spiral Image

Life Spiral
"As she stepped outside the spiral of her life, she realized she was ...

Rediscovery Image

"Living life sometimes left her twisted in knots and it was only when ...

Heart Path Image

Heart Path
"She followed the path laid out by her dreams, for along it were the ...

Women Gathering Image

Women Gathering
"Each year the women gathered to renew their spirits, nourish ...

Inhibitions Image

"She shed inhibitions and danced through the universe."

Important Moment Image

Important Moment
They packed a lunch and headed to their favorite spot. "Why are you ...

Hope In Her Handbag Image

Hope In Her Handbag
"Sensing that a long journey awaited, she put hope in her handbag and ...

Everything They Loved Image

Everything They Loved
"Luckily for them everything they loved could fly. This made it ...

Friendship Image

"As the sun shone into the garden, they celebrated the joy and comfort ...

Life Fabric Image

Life Fabric
"It took a long time to assemble the fabric of her life but when she ...

Outside The Lines Image

Outside The Lines
"By coloring outside the lines of her life she found her passion."

Each One Image

Each One
"Each one held a piece of the others' heart and their promise of love ...

Posssibilities Image

"She lived for the moment, but kept her heart open to the beauty of ...

New Perspective Image

New Perspective
"When he finished putting all the colors and all the words in the right ...

Everyday Angels Image

Everyday Angels
"There are everyday angels who float about dressed like you and me...