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BabyBot: Vintage Kodak Canister Robot

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BabyBot: Vintage Kodak Canister Robot

Created from vintage film canisters, recycled materials and found objects, these BabyBots can stand alone or be part of an army.

These BabyBots were a natural extension of the JunkHeads. I had some vintage Kodak film canisters that I hadn't figured out just the right thing to do with. Looking at several Kodak canisters together looked like an army of robots -- and thus BabyBots came into being. Recycling is very important to me.

Because the BabyBots are made from unique recycled and reclaimed objects, no two BabyBots are alike!

3-4" high | 1.5" wide | 2" deep
This listing is for one (1) BabyBot.

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