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JunkYard Dog: Fasteeth

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JunkYard Dog: Fasteeth

Created from recycled materials and found objects, these fierce protectors will happily guard your home.

The inspiration for the JunkYard Dogs was my dog Lucy. I had some tiny vintage tins that all had great graphics on them and hadn't figured out just the right thing to do with them until one day my dog Lucy looked at me with her head tipped and then the JunkYard Dogs came into being. Upcycling allows me to give these old tins a new life.

Because the JunkYard Dogs are made from unique recycled pieces, no two JunkYard Dogs are alike.

Dimensions: 1.75"h x 2.5"w x 2.75"d

© Deborah C. Kracht, ArtHead Studio

Item #:JYD-004